Waxing Kit

Single voltage

The perfect upgrade for anyone who already hot waxes their chain. Easy, quick and spill-free. The first Chain Waxing System since 2022!

Comes with:

  • Wax Heater
  • Hang-up Tool
  • Swizzle Wire
  • Protection Mat

Does not include a Pre-waxed Chain, Wax Tablet and Bike Preparation Kit. If you want to include these, take a look at the Clean Chain Starter Kit.

Single voltage only! If you buy from the EU you can't use it in North America and vice versa! North America heaters are 110v, EU heaters are 220v.



Heater specifications:

  • Inside Diameter: 14cm or 5.5 inches
  • Outside Diameter: 18cm or 7 inches
  • Height: 10cm or 4 inches
  • Fixed temperature: 95°C or 203°F
  • Cooldown period: Minimum of 30 minutes required after turning off the heater, before storage.
  • Melts a Cyclowax tablet in 8-10 minutes
  • Suitable for all wax brands

Hang-up tool dimensions:

  • Height: 38cm or 15 inches


Is using liquid wax the same as using Cyclowax?

No, it's not the same. Liquid waxes stay sticky and attract dirt, so you end up cleaning your drivetrain more often. Plus, they don't last as long, usually just around 100km or 60miles. But with Cyclowax, every time you re-apply it, it's like giving your chain a deep clean. And unlike liquid wax, it stays clean and goes the distance, holding up for up to 500km/310miles.

Can I use my own chain?

Yes, you can use your own chain, but it’s not advised. 

To make sure you get the best performance and a clean drivetrain, you need to clean the chain in a multiple step process with various chemicals. We do that for you and dispose of any chemicals in the correct way. The 10/11/12-speed Cyclowax chain includes a tool-free quick link which allows you to open your clean chain with your bare hands. To make re-waxing even easier.

Can I use my Cyclowax chain on other bikes?

Switching the same chain between bikes is not a good idea. The subtle difference between drivetrains influences the wear and tear drastically. So if you want to use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, use an extra Cyclowax chain per bike. Remove all grease by preparing the drivetrain of your other bike(s) in the same way you prepared your first bike. You can use your Cyclowax waxing tools for all bikes. And you can also track your waxing of your multiple bikes with the Cyclowax app.

Can I use Cyclowax on my Gravel and Mountain bike?

For sure. Cyclowax can be used on several different types of bikes especially Road, Gravel, Mountain and TT bikes. The advantages of a clean chain when riding in dirty conditions are just greater.

Can I use Cyclowax on my indoor bike trainer?

Yes, you will have to prepare your indoor bike trainer in the same way you prepared your outdoor bike. Side note, a freshly waxed chain will shed some wax flakes at the start. This is unavoidable, but it beats oil stains on your floor anytime and is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. You can reduce the effect by using your chain outdoors first, and loosen the chain thoroughly before installing.

Can I touch my chain with my bare hands?

Absolutely! Because your chain and drivetrain don't attract dirt, you can now touch your chain with bare hands. No more chainring tattoos, and say goodbye to dirty hands. Your bike mechanic will thank you too.

Clean to the touch

No black stains

More rides

Less cleaning

Less friction

Ride faster

300% chain life

Save money

Discover waxing benefits

“My hands are clean. It's just magic :-)”

Lorenza Menapace

12K Yearly - MTB rider - Italy

"When riding, you feel like your bike is new"

Barend Tromp

10K yearly - Road bike rider - The Netherlands

"It's fun to do. If you care about your bike, you should use Cyclowax"

Luc Wouters

20K yearly - MTB Rider - Belgium

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