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Waxing Kit

The perfect upgrade for anyone who already hot waxes their chain. Easy, quick and spill-free.

Comes with:

  • Wax Heater
  • Hang-up Tool
  • Swizzle Wire
  • Protection Mat
  • Track your wax app (free)

Does not include a Pre-waxed Chain, Wax Tablet and Bike Preparation Kit. If you want to include these, take a look at the Clean Chain Starter Kit.


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Waxing Kit

All the essentials to make cyclowaxing an easy and fun routine. The special developed heater melts your wax tablet in just 10 minutes. Immerse your chain for 60 seconds and let the hot wax deep clean and re-wax it. Chain maintenance couldn't be simpler. Spill-free design.


Performance Wax Tablet

Top grade bike chain wax with friction reducing additives. Heated up it becomes liquid. Cooled down it's 100% dry. Doesn't attract dirt. Very low friction. Good for 8 wax treatments.


Cyclowax 10/11S

High performing, extremely durable Connex chain with tool free quick link. Pre-waxed and ready to ride. Contains 0% oil or lube. Clean to the touch.


Track Your Wax app

Take the guesswork out of chain maintenance. Connect with Strava to know when you need to re-wax your chain. Timely maintenance saves your gear. Better for your wallet and the planet.


Bike Preparation Kit

Starting with hot waxing is simple if you have the right tools. You get all the essentials you need to enter the clean chain world. And everything is designed to make waxing an easy and fun routine.


Online video instructions

Become a maintenance pro, even if you have zero experience. Short and simple video instructions guide you into the world of Cyclowax.


Clean Chain Community

You get access to our online community. Ask questions about bike maintenance, share your experiences or just show off that clean chain of yours. All clean chain riders here.

Clean to the touch

No black stains

More rides

Less cleaning

Less friction

Ride faster

300% chain life

Save money

Discover waxing benefits

“My hands are clean. It's just magic :-)”

Lorenza Menapace

12K Yearly - MTB rider - Italy

"When riding, you feel like your bike is new"

Barend Tromp

10K yearly - Road bike rider - The Netherlands

"It's fun to do. If you care about your bike, you should use Cyclowax"

Luc Wouters

20K yearly - MTB Rider - Belgium

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