Cyclowax chain 11S

High performing, extremely durable Connex chain 11sX. Pre-waxed and ready to ride. Contains 0% oil or lube. Clean to the touch. Starter Kit needed to re-apply the wax.

  • SRAM Drivetrain compatible
  • Shimano Drivetrain compatible
  • Campagnolo Drivetrain compatible


What it is

High performing, extremely durable Connex chain 11sX. Pre-waxed and ready to ride. Contains 0% oil or lube. Clean to the touch.

Compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrains.

Suitable for Road, TT, Gravel and Mountain bikes.

Includes tool free quick link

  • Open it with your bare hands
  • Can't open whilst riding
  • Reusable, lasts the entire life of your chain
  • Patented design
  • Proven track record


  • 10 speed Connex 11sX chain
  • Suitable for Road, TT, Gravel and Mountain bikes.
  • Material: stainless steel and nickel
  • Treatment: Cyclowax
  • Tool free-quick link by Connex
  • Suitable for Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo drivetrains


Shipped together with the Clean Chain Starter Kits.

Sales remain open until 15th of April. After this we go into production for 11 weeks.

Between 4 and 18 July all items will be sent.

You will be kept informed of the progress.


Is the Cyclowax chain a high performing chain?

Absolutely. The 10 and 11 speed chains are based on the Connex sX chains which are known as one of the highest quality chains. The stainless steel inner link and the innovative high-grade nickel coating make this chain extremely resistant to corrosion. On top of that it contains a high-performance plate geometry that ensures smooth shifting.

Can I use my Cyclowax chain on other bikes?

Switching the same chain between bikes is not a good idea. The subtle difference between drivetrains influences the wear and tear fo the chain drastically. So if you want to use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, use an extra Cyclowax chain per bike. Remove all grease by preparing the drivetrain of your other bike(s) in the same way you prepared your first bike.

Can I use my same heater for multiple chains and bikes?

You can use your Cyclowax waxing tools for all bikes. And you can also track your waxing of your multiple bikes with the Cyclowax app.
Ensure if you use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, that you use a specific Cyclowax chain per bike. The subtle difference between drivetrains can influence the wear and tear of your chain and drivetrain.

Can I touch my chain with my bare hands?

Yes, as your chain and drivetrain does not attract dirt you can touch your chain with your bare hands. No more chainring tattoos, no more dirty hands. Your bike mechanic will be grateful too.

Do I need to clean my chain after my ride?

No, that is the beauty of Cyclowax! No degreasers or special cleaning products needed. In case you chain and bike are dry and you have not passed the 400 km mark, you can just store your bike and your a ready for the next one. In case you want to wash your bike, you take your chain off and you only need water, a bit of soap and a sponge to entirely wash your bike! After wet rides it is recommended to re-wax your chain to drain out any water, deep clean your chain and foresee a fresh wax layer.

For all 11 speed drivetrains

Fits Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrains. 118 links/270 grams (quick link included)

Corrosion resistant

Stainless steel with innovative electroless nickel coating

Smooth shifting

High performance plate geometry

Ready to ride


Pop that chain on and you are good for up to 400 km of clean riding

Compatible with Cyclowax heater

Re-wax your chain to keep riding clean.

Designed for Cyclowax

Collab with Connex

The connex chains are known for their extreme durability, Together with them we perfected their popular 10/11SX-model for use with Cyclowax


These chains are produced without any oil, saving on chemicals otherwise used to degrease them. Better for the environment.

The perfect quick-link


Take your chain off with just your hands. Super easy.

Easy to spot

The special black coating makes spotting your quick link easier than ever.


Lasts the entire life of your chain.

"A chain running like a swiss watch, this is next level"

Barend Tromp

10k yearly - Road Cyclist - The Netherlands

“My hands are clean, it's just magic :-) ”

Lorenza Menapace


"Super easy, it is almost like a short ritual"

Wouter Baetens

8k yearly - Triathlete - Belgium

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