Our journey

Cyclowax was founded out of our passion for cycling and the desire to make things better.

Early 2020

The origin

Excited about the cleanliness of a chain treated with wax and the peace of mind that comes with it, Jakob started dreaming to build a product around it. Frederik and Philippe joined him with enthusiasm. Together they founded Cyclowax.

September 2020

We’ve completed a working prototype

November 2020

Testing our prototype with a select group of passionate cyclists

March 2021

Improving the working prototype

August 2021

Second test with a group of 125 cyclists

November 2021

Collaboration with Wippermann for our own pre-waxed chain.


April 2022

Public launch of Cyclowax!

A clean chain for everyone

Every cyclist should be able to enjoy the peace of mind of a clean chain. Our ambition is to make cyclowaxing as accessible as possible.

Designed in Flanders, Belgium

We are three people from Ghent, in the middle of cycling region Flanders. Land of mud and cobblestones.

All Cyclowax products were designed by us.

Tested in Europe

For a year and a half, we had our product tested by 140 cycling enthusiasts across Europe.

There is no need for a dirty chain.


Jakob Lorre

Passionate cyclist who loves a clean chain and has a background in explaining complex things through simple videos.


Philippe De Naeyer

All-round sports enthusiast who has extensive expertise in product development and sustainability.


Frederik Neus

Tech-entrepreneur who has invested in Cyclowax and acts as an advisor for Philippe and Jakob.

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