Clean Chain Starter Kit

Single voltage

The easiest way to switch to hot wax and save time on and off your bike.

The Clean Chain Starter Kit includes everything you need to hot wax your bike chain, resulting in a smooth and efficient ride that saves you up to 8 watts compared to traditional lubricants.

Not only will your chain run smoothly, it will also stay clean, so you won't have to spend precious post-ride time on maintenance. In fact, you can save up to 30 minutes by simply waxing your chain instead of cleaning it.

Upgrade your cycling experience today with world's easiest and fastest hot waxing kit.

For any Road, Gravel or Mountain Bike. Comes with an 10, 11 or 12 speed ready-waxed chain.

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Ride friction free

Save 8 watts

Trusted by professional cyclists, time trialists, and triathletes to set the fastest times, waxed chains offer a friction-free ride that can save you up to 8 watts compared to a dirty oiled chain.

Ride 3x longer

Waxed chains don't form a grinding paste like oiled chains, pushing dirt out instead of attracting it. As a result, you can experience up to three times the life of your chain and cassette compared to using oil, saving money on replacements and maintenance.

Simplify your maintenance

Save 30 minutes

Maintaining your chain is now effortless and indoor-friendly. A one minute wax bath is all it takes to replace the time-consuming and messy post-ride cleaning routine of degreasing, scrubbing, pressure-washing, and drying oiled chains. Couldn't be simpler.

No dirty hands

Say goodbye to the frustration of dirty hands and clothes while working on your bike. A waxed chain stays clean because it is dry, giving you peace of mind and an always clean drivetrain.

“My hands are clean. It's just magic :-)”

Lorenza Menapace

12K Yearly - MTB rider - Italy

"When riding, you feel like your bike is new"

Barend Tromp

10K yearly - Road bike rider - The Netherlands

"It's fun to do. If you care about your bike, you should use Cyclowax"

Luc Wouters

20K yearly - MTB Rider - Belgium

in the box


Hot chain wax heater & accessories

Hot wax your chain fast and safe. The powerful wax heater melts your wax tablet in 10 minutes, and the swizzle wire securely holds your chain in place for dipping. The chain hanger allows uniform cooling while excess wax drips back into the heater, with a silicone protective mat included to keep your surfaces clean.


Performance Wax Tablet

Top-grade bike chain wax with friction-reducing additives. When heated, it becomes liquid. Once cooled, it forms a 100% dry, dirt-resistant coating that reduces friction and improves the longevity of your chain. Good for 8 wax treatments.


Pre-waxed chain

A pre-waxed chain is included in every Clean Chain Starter Kit and is ready to ride right out of the box. Our 10 and 11 speed chains are never oiled after production, allowing us to straight wax them and set the benchmark for oil-free chains. Our 12 speed chains are degreased in a multi-step process before being immersive hot waxed.


Track Your Wax app

Stay on top of your waxing intervals with ease. Connect with Strava to receive timely notifications for when to re-wax your chain, ensuring a frictionless and optimal running drivetrain.


Bike Preparation Kit

Everything you need to easily and effectively prepare your bike for our pre-waxed chain. This one-time drivetrain-cleaning process is necessary to start with hot waxing. We provide you with a set of thoughtfully designed tools to do just that.


Online video instructions

No experience? No problem. Our online video instructions make it easy for anyone to become a chain waxing pro. Short and simple videos will guide you through every step of the process, so you can get the most out of Cyclowax.


WhatsApp and email support

We are dedicated to making your experience with Cyclowax as smooth as possible. That's why every customer gets access to our WhatsApp number and email support. If you have any questions or concerns during installation or use, we are always available to help. Hot waxing might be new to a lot of riders, but we are here to guide you every step of the way.


Always a clean chain

Tired of spending hours cleaning your bike and messing with degreaser?

With wax, those days are over. After an all-out ride, you simply enjoy your hard earned shower while waxing does the hard work for you. Just pop the chain into the wax heater and let it clean the chain to a near new state. All while you sit back & relax.

Frictionless power

Watts are precious. Dirt is their enemy. Don’t let your watts disappear into the abyss of a dirty oiled chain.

With hot wax, your chain attracts no dirt and stays efficient. The slippery coating formed between the rollers defeats friction and makes for the fastest chain lubrication known to the cycling industry.

For Road, Gravel, TT and Mountain bikes

Cyclowax is suited for Road, Gravel, TT and Mountain bikes. Any bike that you want to be in pristine condition all the time. A bike that has to perform and look at it’s best.

The harsher the condition you ride in, the more you benefit from the dirt-repelling dryness of a waxed chain.


    Is using liquid wax the same as using Cyclowax?

    No, it's not the same. Liquid wax is still sticky and attracts dirt, which means you need to clean your drivetrain periodically. With Cyclowax, every re-wax is a deep clean on its own. And unlike liquid wax, it stays clean to the touch.

    Why do I need to buy a Starter kit?

    The Cyclowax Starter kit contains all the essential tools to get you up and running with waxing your chain to enjoy the clean chain experience. The items separately will just not do the job. First you need to start from a spotless clean drivetrain, that is where the Bike Preparation Kit comes in, secondly you install the Cyclowax pre-waxed chain, which contains no single drop of grease, by which you can enjoy your first clean rides. However, after 400 km you need to re-wax your chain in order to continue to experience a clean and thoroughly lubricated chain. To do that, you have all the waxing tools at your disposal.

    Can I use my own chain?

    To enter the world of a spotlessly clean drivetrain, it is necessary to start with a pre-treated chain, free from any grease, already foreseen from a fresh wax layer. The 10- and 11-speed Cyclowax chain includes a tool-free quick link which allows you to open your clean chain with your bare hands. The 12 speed tool-free quick link is under development and will become available later this year.

    Can I use my Cyclowax chain on other bikes?

    Switching the same chain between bikes is not a good idea. The subtle difference between drivetrains influences the wear and tear drastically. So if you want to use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, use an extra Cyclowax chain per bike. Remove all grease by preparing the drivetrain of your other bike(s) in the same way you prepared your first bike. You can use your Cyclowax waxing tools for all bikes. And you can also track your waxing of your multiple bikes with the Cyclowax app.

    Can I use Cyclowax on my Gravel and Mountain bike?

    For sure. Cyclowax can be used on several different types of bikes especially Road, Gravel, Mountain and TT bikes. The advantages of a clean chain when riding in dirty conditions are just great.

    Can I use Cyclowax on my indoor bike trainer?

    Yes, you will have to prepare your indoor bike trainer in the same way you prepared your outdoor bike. Side note, a freshly waxed chain will shed some wax flakes at the start. This is unavoidable, but it beats oil stains on your floor anytime and is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. You can reduce the effect by using your chain outdoors first and loosen the chain thoroughly before installing.

    Can I touch my chain with my bare hands?

    Yes, as your chain and drivetrain does not attract dirt you can touch your chain with your bare hands. No more chainring tattoos, no more dirty hands. Your bike mechanic will be grateful too.

    What tools do I need to install Cyclowax?

    The Cyclowax Clean Chain starter kit contains the Cyclowax pre-waxed chain and all the necessary tools to prepare your bike and start with waxing. During the installation, the only items you need that are not in the kit, and that you only need for the installation, are: a chain whip, an Allen key and a chain cutter. If needed, you can buy those at the check out.

    Do I need to install a new cassette and pulley wheels?

    Not necessarily. The Cyclowax Clean Chain Starter kit contains a Bike preparation kit to degrease your cassette, chainrings, derailleur and pulley wheels. If it is anyway time for a new cassette and pulley wheels, you can install new ones so you only need to degrease your derailleur and front chain ring.

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