"Wax repels dirt"

Cyclowax benefits

Less cleaning

Stays clean

Your drivetrain stays clean, in all conditions. Ride 100k and still have a clean chain.

One sponge, one towel

No black grease means you can wash your bike and drivetrain with one sponge and one towel. Easiest bike clean ever.

Less friction

Save 8 watts

Waxed chains are the fastest out there. You can save up to 8 watts compared to a dirty chain.

Save your gear

Ride up to 3x longer with your chain and cassette. Better for your wallet, better for the planet.

Less worries

Clean to the touch

No more chainring tattoos when riding. No more dirty hands when replacing a tire or working on your bike

Clean transportation

Getting your bike from A to Z is so much easier when you can't stain your car's interior. Covering your seats is not necessary anymore.

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