Always a clean chain

Get a chain that stays clean, requires no maintenance and performs at its best.

Cyclowax kits

Save up to 8 Watt

Cyclowax kits

Streamline your chain waxing process with our all-in-one starter kits.

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Chain wax

Clean to the touch

Chain wax

High-performance chain wax for superior cleanliness and efficiency.

Chain Wax
Waxed chains

Tripled chain lifespan

Waxed chains

Spend less time cleaning and more time riding with our pre-waxed chains.

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The next generation of chain waxing

We're changing the game in chain waxing again.

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Hot Wax is designed for everyone, and we're proud to support some of the best athletes around.

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Classic lube

With cyclowax

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A waxed chain keeps your drivetrain much cleaner than traditional oil lube. The difference is significant, with wax repelling dirt and grime effectively.

Effortless cleaning and bike maintenance

Using hot wax for your bike chain makes maintenance super easy. Just a few simple steps and you're done. It keeps the chain clean, well-lubed, and reduces wear. Hot wax lasts longer and means less frequent reapplication.

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