Campagnolo Ekar 13S - Cyclowax
Campagnolo Ekar 13S - Cyclowax


Campagnolo Ekar 13S

Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed hot waxed chain that ensures a clean drivetrain and enhances efficiency.

Including Campagnolo quick link. 

  • Campagnolo Drivetrain compatible

Technical overview


Original Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed hot waxed chain that ensures a clean drivetrain and enhances efficiency. Including Campagnolo quick link. Completely degreased and waxed using our detailed multi-step production process.

Forget about cleaning, chain tattoos and degreasers. Cyclowax heater advised for re-waxing.

Compatible with all Campagnolo 13-speed groupsets.


Length: 118 links
Weight: 245 gram or 8.6 oz
Material: Steel
Coating: Cyclowax Basic Wax
Quick link: Campagnolo Original


Re-wax the chain every 300-500 km or after any wet ride. Periodically check for chain wear and replace it when it reaches the 0.5 mark to reduce wear on the drivetrain.

No need to degrease the chain before re-waxing, just drop it in the wax and you're ready to go! If you ride in a lot of mud, pour boiling water over the chain and let it dry before optimal re-waxing.

Always install the quick link at the bottom of the drivetrain between the lower jockey wheel and the chainring.

Recommended chain wear checkers:
Shimano TL-CN42
Park Tool CC-4


Can I use my Cyclowax chain on other bikes?

Switching the same chain between bikes is not a good idea. The subtle difference between drivetrains influences the wear and tear of the chain drastically. So if you want to use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, use an extra Cyclowax chain per bike. Remove all grease by preparing the drivetrain of your other bike(s) in the same way you prepared your first bike.

Why does your wax only last 300-500km or 190/310miles?

Distinguishing between optimal performance and what's achievable in the best conditions is crucial. While nearly every hot wax available can endure up to 800km/500 miles on well-maintained roads in favorable weather, this doesn't hold true for mountain biking. The reality is quite different. We strongly recommend reapplying the wax after 300km/190 miles because over time, the wax layer thins out, leading to increased chain wear. By waxing every 300km/190 miles, you maximize the lifespan of your chain and drivetrain.

By specifying the 300-500km or 190/310 miles range, we align with the real world experiences of most riders across various surfaces.

Can I use my same heater for multiple chains and bikes?

You can use your Cyclowax waxing tools for all bikes. And you can also track your waxing of your multiple bikes with the Cyclowax app.
Ensure if you use Cyclowax on multiple bikes, that you use a specific Cyclowax chain per bike. The subtle difference between drivetrains can influence the wear and tear of your chain and drivetrain.

Can I touch my chain with my bare hands?

Yes, as your chain and drivetrain does not attract dirt you can touch your chain with your bare hands. No more chainring tattoos, no more dirty hands. Your bike mechanic will be grateful too.

Do I need to clean my chain after my ride?

No, that's the magic of Cyclowax! No need for degreasers or specialized cleaning products. If your chain and bike are dry and haven't hit the 500km/310miles mark, you can simply store your bike, and you're ready for the next ride. If you decide to give your bike a thorough wash, just remove the chain, and all you need is water, a touch of soap, and a sponge to completely clean your bike! After wet rides, it's recommended to reapply Cyclowax to prevent rust, deeply cleanse your chain, and provide a fresh wax layer.

Save up to 8 Watts!

Save up to 8 Watts!

Low-friction waxed chains, trusted by WorldTour teams, reduces friction and boosts performance.

Keep your chain clean

Keep your chain clean

The best way to keep your chain and drivetrain clean up to 500km or 310miles.

Cleaned and waxed

Cleaned and waxed

We save you the work of cleaning and waxing with our multi-step process.

Quick link

Check how to install your quick link properly.

Installation Guide

Track your Wax app

The easiest way to track your chain waxing. See when to re-wax and track your wax tablet life.

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