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Cyclowax App Update March 2024

Alright, let's get into it! This update has been a long time coming. Between starting up the company, riding the wave of growth, and surpassing our own expectations last year, it's been a wild ride. But hey, here we are (finally)!

And rest assured this has been many headaches for us as well. Certainly nothing we're proud of.

Let's break down what's new:

1. All your bikes in one view

No more switching back and forth between bikes in the app just to see if you need to re-wax. Now, they're all neatly listed in a single view. You'll still need to select them in Strava for each ride, but no more app hopping.

2. Waxing intervals

By popular demand, we've added custom waxing intervals with three options: 

300km/190mi for maximum chain lifespan and minimal wear. 

500km/310mi for those ride in warm and dry conditions.

800km/500mi tailored for indoor training, where chain wear is minimal.

3. Retired bikes

Say goodbye to clutter! Retired bikes are now out of sight in the overview. No more scrolling through old bikes – just the ones you're actively riding as indicated in Strava.

4. Redesign

We've given the app a fresh new look to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. You'll find more control and options, plus support for multiple languages.

5. Bugs & updates

  • Choose between metric and imperial units.
  • Sign up with your email for notifications (coming soon).
  • Deleted activities won't show up anymore.

Got any suggestions or ideas? We're all ears! Let us know what you think.

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