Cyclowax has partnered with Jaegher and Sturdy Cycles to simplify bike maintenance and improve the overall cycling experience. This collaboration aims to offer riders high-performance bikes that are easy to maintain right from the moment of purchase.

Jaegher and Sturdy Cycles are now the first brands to include pre-waxed chains with their bikes, eliminating the need for post-purchase upgrades. By using hot waxed chains right from the start, cyclists enjoy several benefits. Firstly, they experience a cleaner drivetrain, as waxed chains reduce the mess associated with traditional oil lubrication. Secondly, these chains offer improved efficiency and durability, resulting in a longer-lasting drivetrain.

Another advantage is the significant reduction in cleaning time for the drivetrain. With minimal dirt and grime accumulation, cyclists will spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying their ride. This collaboration between Jaegher, Sturdy Cycles, and Cyclowax demonstrates their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

"We are thrilled to work with Jaegher and Sturdy Cycles," said Jakob Lorré, co-founder of Cyclowax. "This collaboration represents a significant step forward in improving the cycling experience. Not only by making a bike faster, but also by reducing bike maintenance costs in the long run.”

Tom Sturdy, founder of Sturdy Cycles, said. “When I first tested the Cyclowax Starter Kit, I was surprised by how easy it can be to maintain a hot waxed chain. We have always been optimizing every part of the bike, so adding a waxed chain just makes sense.”

Kurt Stallaert, founder of Jaegher adds “We are both building bikes that are pieces of art, and they deserve the best possible treatment. By adding a waxed chain, we make sure that it always stays a piece of art.”

The hot waxed chains will be available on all new bicycles from Jaegher and Sturdy Cycles starting July 2023. 

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