Unsere Reise

Cyclowax wurde aus unserer Leidenschaft für das Radfahren und dem Wunsch, Dinge besser zu machen, gegründet.

In 2020, Jakob re-discovered the beauty of cycling and developed a deep appreciation for the simplicity of a clean drivetrain. Frustrated by the tedious cleaning process, he explored various lubricants until stumbling upon the transformative hot waxing technique. This method not only kept drivetrains immaculate, but also significantly enhanced the overall cycling experience.

Inspired to share this game-changing discovery, Jakob founded Cyclowax. Our Clean Chain Starter Kit, the first of its kind, simplifies hot waxing, making it easier for cyclists to enjoy the benefits of a spotlessly clean and efficiently waxed drivetrain. Once a niche maintenance routine, now turns into a straightforward and enjoyable solution for all sports cyclists.

There is a life before and after riding a waxed chain. Cyclowax is here to help you make the switch.

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