Cyclowax Pro Rider Update April 2024

Pro Rider

Wow, what an action-packed month of racing we've had! April always brings the heat, but the results this time around have been off the charts.

Let's kick things off with Road Racing!

Project Echelon has been absolutely dominating the scene in the United States this April, racking up wins left, right, and center. Here's a quick rundown:

At the Redlands Classic, it was a Tyler Stites show:

  • Stage 1: Tyler Stites took the win.
  • Stage 3: Another win for Tyler Stites and Brendan Rihm got the 2nd place.
  • Stage 4: Scott McGill secured the victory.
  • Stage 5: Brendan Rihm claimed yet another win for the team. And Tyler Stites won the overall GC for the third consecutive time!

Over at the Tour of the Gila:

  • Stage 1: Tyler Stites grabbed 2nd place.
  • Stage 2: Scott McGill took the top spot.
  • Stage 3: Tyler Stites triumphed once again.
  • Stage 4: Cade Bickmore crossed the finish line first.
  • Stage 5: Tyler Stites landed in 3rd place.

    Tyler Stites also claimed the GC victory, and the team pocketed a few extra jerseys along the way. It's been an outstanding year for them indeed!
Mads Pedersen racing against Tyler Stites

Now, onto the gravel scene:

Let's start with the women results

  • Carolin Schiff secured 2nd place at the Wörthersee Gravel Race and La Indomable (despite a flat tire), and clinched 1st place at Utopia Gravel.
  • Tessa Neefjes took the top spot at Gravel Fondo Limburg.

And the men:

  • Sebastian Schönberger clinched 1st place at the Wörthersee Gravel Race.
  • Greg Van Avermaet finished 6th at Gravel Fondo Limburg.
  • Torbjørn Andre Røed claimed 4th and 6th positions at the Belgian Waffle Ride in Utah and California, respectively.
Santa Vall, Team Last Dance

And these are just the highlights! Our riders, including Kevin Panhuyzen, Corey Davis, Stefano Barberi, Ivar Slik, and Maddy Nutt, delivered notable performances too, alongside many others.

But perhaps the most inspiring story comes from Lisa Becharas, who overcame years of injuries to clinch her first Pro Triathlon win at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. What a triumph!

If this is any indication of what's to come this year, buckle up, because it's going to be one heck of a ride!

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