Greg Van Avermaet's Hot Wax Adventure with Cyclowax


Greg Van Avermaet, former Olympic Champion, has just retired from pro road cycling, but still can be found in the pro road peloton, just not on his bike. After testing hot wax during several classics during his career, Van Avermaet has become an advocate of Hot Chain Wax. Stepping into the role of a brand ambassador for Cyclowax, a Belgian company based in Ghent that is dedicated to simplifying hot chain waxing.

“While hot waxing has been around in professional cycling for some time, its widespread adoption has been somewhat hindered due to several factors. Our partnership with Greg Van Avermaet marks a pivotal step towards changing this”, stated Jakob Lorré, the founder of Cyclowax.

Cyclowax, is the first all-in-one hot waxing solution, quickly gaining popularity among both professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. The advantages of hot waxing are numerous, including reduced friction, a cleaner chain, and overall reduced maintenance demands.

Located in Ghent, a key hub for cycling during the spring classics, Cyclowax is gearing up to offer specialized services to professional cycling teams. This helps to facilitate their transition to hot waxing, with many teams already expressing interest and some fully committing to the switch.

Greg Van Avermaet expressed his enthusiasm: “This is a game-changer in the cycling world. Having experienced the benefits of hot wax firsthand, I am thrilled to help bring this technology to more riders. It's not just about performance; it's about pushing the sport forward and simplifying maintenance for all involved.”

Jakob Lorre also added: “Having Greg join us as an ambassador is incredibly exciting. His insights and background are immensely valuable. Cyclowax isn't just about offering a product; we're spearheading a movement in bike maintenance. Our focus is on both performance and sustainability within the sport, and Greg's endorsement powerfully supports our vision.”

With the support and expertise of Greg Van Avermaet, Cyclowax is set to transform cycling performance and maintenance standards, moving towards the next step in cycling.

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