Everything about waxed chains

Explore the benefits of a waxed chain. Less friction, longer-lasting performance, and a cleaner bike.

How-to wax a chain

Waxing a chain involves just four straightforward steps: removing, waxing, drying, and installing.

Using our heater reduces the entire process to about 30 minutes, with the actual hands-on work taking only 2-3 minutes.

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Why a waxed chain

A waxed chain last up to 3 times longer than a traditional lube, is up to 8 watts faster and doesn't get dirty.

It's basically that simple. It saves you money over time, is better for the enviroment and just looks and rides better.

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A waxed chain keeps your drivetrain much cleaner than traditional oil lube. The difference is significant, with wax repelling dirt and grime effectively.

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Less cleaning

Less cleaning

Your drivetrain stays clean, in all conditions. Ride 500km or 310miles and still have a clean chain.

Less friction

Less friction

Waxed chains are the fastest out there. You can save up to 8 watts compared to a dirty chain.

Less worries

Less worries

No more chainring tattoos when riding. No more dirty hands when replacing a tire or working on your bike

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The easiest way to track your chain waxing. See when to re-wax and track you wax tablet life.

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