Rewaxing your chain

Regularly waxing your chain is essential for maintaining its performance.


Waxing Techniques:

Everyday or Training Rides: "This is the easiest and most common technique. Remove the chain from your bike, lace it onto the swizzle wire, and place it on top of a new or used wax tablet. Turn on the heater. After 10 minutes, the chain will be fully submerged. Swizzle to remove dirt from the links, then hang it up to cool down. After 10 minutes, re-install the chain.” Races: "For competitive cyclists or those seeking peak performance, it’s best to have a separate, dedicated waxed chain for races that you wax in a more meticulous way by flushing out the dirt beforehand. To re-wax, remove the chain and pour boiling water over it to remove old wax. Optionally, use denatured alcohol to further clean the chain. Once dry, lace it onto the swizzle wire, place it on the wax tablet, and switch on the heater. After 10 minutes, swizzle and hang it to cool down before re-installing." Multi-Day Trips or Travelling: "When hot waxing isn't possible, use liquid wax. Cyclowax hot wax and liquid wax are compatible. Apply one drop to each link and let it dry for 6-8 hours before riding. Liquid wax attracts more dirt than hot wax, but just giving it a hot wax bath is all it takes to get it clean again.." When to Re-Wax: "After dry rides, re-waxing depends on your riding style and preferences. Check for specific mileage recommendations. A good benchmark is re-waxing when the chain starts to sound too dry. Always re-wax after wet rides to prevent rust. Don't let a wet chain sit overnight; re-wax within hours after your ride. Ensure the chain is towel dry before waxing." Conclusion: "Regular waxing is crucial for maintaining your bike's performance. Choose the technique that best suits your needs to ensure you keep your chain clean and well-waxed. Don't forget to register your waxing at for optimal maintenance tracking."

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