The next generation of chain waxing

Stay tuned. This might just be the new era of hot waxing…

How it started

Ever since we launched our Clean Chain Starter Kit, we've noticed a growing movement towards chain waxing among cyclists. It's been pretty awesome to see more and more riders getting into hot waxing. Not only does it make your chains last longer, but it also helps you get more out of your rides by cutting down on friction and boosting your power output. And let's not forget how it keeps your white socks looking fresh after hitting the road. Seeing all these cyclists hop on board with waxing has us feeling super stoked—it's like a little revolution in bike maintenance!

But that's just the beginning of our journey. We're always pushing ourselves to go further. We're dedicated to ongoing development, tirelessly searching for ways to enhance our products and make hot waxing accessible to all. Whether you're a solo rider, manage a local bike shop, or a World Tour Team, we're committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring everyone can benefit from our innovations in cycling maintenance. It's all about improving the ride for every cyclist out there.

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Starting small

We started by looking at our own methods, then moved on to local riders, and eventually teamed up with Project Echelon, a UCI Continental Team, to understand how cyclists, bike shop mechanics, and team mechanics operate.

Our aim is to ensure that our innovations work for everyone, starting small and aiming big.

Dreaming big

So, we took a close look at the obstacles in the way of WorldTour teams using hot wax. It's similar to the process we undertook ourselves as everyday consumers when we developed the Clean Chain Starter Kit, but now tailored for the elite levels of the cycling industry—WorldTour caliber.

This might just be the new era of hot waxing…

The main barrier to overcome in chain waxing is to not have to remove the chain. It’s the holy grail. And that’s exactly what we did. This year, during the Tour de France, Lidl-Trek will be using the Cyclowax prototype heaters that wax whilst the chain stays on the bike.

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