Setting the Pace: Project Echelon partners with Cyclowax, to become the first!


Project Echelon Racing partners with Cyclowax, becoming the first UCI team to use

Hot Wax for the entire racing season. This collaboration is not just a significant shift

away from oil in pro cycling; it also marks Cyclowax's entry into the US market.

Setting the bar high for this year, Project Echelon will use Cyclowax to increase

drivetrain efficiency and better maintain equipment. This move underlines the team's dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance and achieving continuous improvement. Cyclowax is offering substantial advantages to all riders, providing enhanced efficiency and durability over traditional lubrication methods, leading to better overall performance in races. After many tests from Pro-Teams in the last few years, it’s great to finally see a team make the switch.

Cyclowax’s Starter Kit is the first all-in-one hot wax solution, simplifying the transition from oil to hot wax lubrication, making it accessible for all cyclists. The collaboration with Project Echelon is pushing to make maintenance routines for cyclists across the United States effortless, combining ease of use with performance benefits.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cyclowax”, said Eric Hill, Team Director of Project

Echelon. “Their commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our team's ethos. This partnership is set to benefit every one of our riders, elevating the standard of pro cycling performance.”

New team member Sam Boardman shared his enthusiasm about the partnership:

“Joining Project Echelon and having the opportunity to use Cyclowax's hot wax

technology is exciting. It's not just about having a smoother ride; it's about pushing

our limits and achieving better results in every race across all of our racing


Cyclowax's founder, Jakob Lorre, commented, “Entering the US market with a team

as dynamic and forward-thinking as Project Echelon is a significant milestone for us. We're eager to see how our easy hot chain waxing technique can contribute to the team's success and influence the wider cycling community.”

With the move to the US, Cyclowax is also opening a new warehouse in the US to

respond to the growing demands of the US market. 

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