Tool Free Quick Link 12speed

Tool Free Quick Link 12speed

The name says it all. It's a quick link that you can open with your bare hands. Wherever you are. No more tools needed. 

Compatible with all Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM Non-Flattop 12-speed chains.

Produced by Connex, Wippermann in Germany.


Ready to ride


Pop that chain on and you are good for up to 500km/310miles of clean riding

Compatible with Cyclowax heater

Re-wax your chain to keep riding clean and fast.

The perfect quick-link


Take your chain off with just your hands. Super easy.

Easy to spot

The special black coating makes spotting your quick link easier than ever.


Lasts the entire life of your chain.

"A chain running like a swiss watch, this is next level"

“My hands are clean, it's just magic :-) ”

"Super easy, it is almost like a short ritual"

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